Why Your Brand Needs AR

Augmented Reality has been around for quite a while already but it’s only now that it has become more accessible through social media. Creating AR 5 to 10 years ago was way more difficult and intimidating compared to now. Thanks to new softwares like Lens Studio from Snapchat and Spark AR from Facebook, developing Augmented Reality effects has become more approachable. 

AR is the future. In a world where everything is becoming digitalized, anything XR related will be the future of advertising. Facebook and Instagram is now putting their focus on experiential advertising simply because it gets more and retains attention than a single poster or video commercial. Commercials are getting shorter because in this digital age, people’s attention span are getting short-term as well. Ive heard an advertiser say that the first 2 seconds of an ad will determine if a person will watch it or not. It used to be 5 seconds a couple of years ago. People are shifting focus on what they can interact with and AR is the answer.

With AR, users can experience your brand’s product through selfies, games and real-world projections. AR even allows user to test products without having to go to a physical store. This type of effect works well with accessories like sunglasses, jewelry and even makeup. The reach of an AR effect is wider as well. If you advertise on Facebook or Google, you have to pay a certain amount for certain demographics but with AR, if you have an interesting effect that has the ability to go viral, your reach will be the whole world.

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